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2020 Maine Bass Tournament Schedule - IFW List By Water and By Date

Click here for the complete list of tournaments By Water and By Date (Maine IFW site)

Great Pond

November 15, 2020 Maine B.A.S.S. Nation Open (Print Application)

North Pond

November 1, 2020 Maine B.A.S.S. Nation Open (Print Application)

Resuming Maine Bass Tournaments

June 1, 2020

The Department is resuming the issuance of bass tournament and fishing derby permits, which were temporarily suspended due to public health concerns related to the pandemic. New operational guidelines found here - https://www.maine.gov/ifw/docs/COVID-Checklist-for-Bass-Tournaments.pdf will be incorporated as conditions of permit issuance.

View the Letter to Fishing Derby and Bass Tournament Organizers

Please be sure to contact the bass club representative to verify details of a tournament, or if you have questions. The tournament list will be posted here - https://www.maine.gov/ifw/fishing-boating/fishing/bass-tournaments.html

MDIFW Letter to Fishing Derby and Bass Tournament Organizers

This is the letter that explains the process for rescheduling or getting a refund for your permits drawn for 2020.

View the Letter

High School Qualifying Events

Hosted by Somerset Bassmasters are Individual Opens

Check the IFW List of tournaments, and look for Somerset Bassmasters - Host Club - Open tournament

Qualifying Events hosted by Somerset Bassmasters are Individual Opens. The Individual Opens that are hosted by Somerset Bassmasters can be used as Qualifying Events for Junior and High School Teams. The term Individual Open, means that the boaters are competing against the other boaters, and the non boaters against the other non boaters. The boater can also function as a boat captain for a high school or junior team.

Junior and High School Teams with a volunteer boat captain do not need to pay an entry fee unless they wish to compete against the other non boaters in the Junior or High School division, and the boat captain does not need to compete separately in the event unless he wants to.

The entry fees for those choosing to compete for prize money are: $25 per person (or $25 Per Junior/HS team) Entry fee distribution is as follows: $10 to the division winner, $5 to the division 2nd place, $5 to the division lunker, and the final $5 to pay for the permit (if there are enough entries after $55 is collected for the permit then the last $5 goes to the respective third places)

The Junior or High School team would enter in the non boater division with the a five fish team limit. Junior or High School anglers who don't have a teammate can fish alone as a non boater in the event and it would still qualify as a fished tournament for championship purposes. (The anglers eventual Championship partner will have to have fished a qualifying event as well)

Point Sebago Sept 18-20, 2020 Tournament Flyer

Portland Yacht Services Top Finishers Program

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Portland Yacht Services Big Bass Contest

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Send us your Applications

Email your tournament applications to mebass@mebass.com

Inspection Forms

Print the Inspection Form (DIFW Website)

State of Maine Courtesy Boat Inspector Handbook (PDF)

DACF Activity Permits

Rules for DOC owned sites

Check out the list of waters to see if you need a permit (next to "Ownership" if it says DACF, you will need an activity permit) Permits are free. Email Thomas Linscott at Thomas.Linscott@maine.gov or call 207-287-6830.

Lake Associations

It's a good idea to inform the Lake Association of your upcoming tournament. A ggod way is to look for thir Facebook page or check out the link below.

Find a Lake Association

Permit Draw

2020 Permit Draw location and times TBA

Permit Draw Information (DIFW Website)