White/Smith Win Androscoggin River CMPR Event

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1. Gavin White - Brandon Smith boat captain - Brenden Wood total; 90.25"

2. Cassidy Sawyer - Vaugn Mckay boat captain - Charlie Sawyer total; 85.75"

3. Brandon Chilton - Ethan Chilton boat captain - Todd Chilton total; 76.75"

4. Owen Vincecruiz - Luke Johnson boat captain - Troy Garrison total; 75.25"

5. Wyatt Stevenson - Kyle Lamarche boat captain - Dave Parsons total; 70.25"

6. Jonah Parker - Aiden Wilkinson boat captain - Larry Bioller total; 12"

Androscoggin River CMPR Event July 26th

The first High School and Junior tournament for the year will be held on Sunday July 26th on the Androscoggin River in Turner. This will start from the Gulf Island Pond public boat launch like most events there but will start off a bit different from a normal tournament. To avoid large gatherings so that we comply with state guidelines teams will be launched as they arrive and register. There will be a designated ‘lines in’ time when fishing will start and will rely on the honor system so no one starts early.

There will be fishing through a six-hour period and each fish will need to be measured, photographed, then released. In addition to taking the photo the boat captain will also send it in to the tournament organizer through a text along with the information that was measured and also filled in on your score sheets. This will all be tabulated as we go and will need to correspond to the sheet you turn in at the end of the tournament. Most all other tournament rules that have been in place for youth events will apply.

There will be a ‘lines out’ time designated six hours from lines in and fishing must stop. Teams will then proceed back to the start location and will load up, get your weed inspection, turn in your score sheets, then leave the area.

Results will be posted as soon as possible and awards will be handed out at the dinner that follows the championship tournament in September.

Please remember that your 2020 Bassmaster dues and your 2020 Nation dues is due before July 31st to be eligible for the State Championship in September, and the 2021 National Championship. The event is for High School and Junior anglers and teams. Club Dues, (Nation Portion) if you are not a current paid member of the MEBASS High School team it is $10 per member and can be turned in on the 26th at the tournament. If a Junior member is not already part of an established club they can join the L/A Junior Bassmasters club (also $10) at the tournament as well. Bassmaster memberships can be easily obtained online and are discounted for High Schoolers and Juniors (current BASS #’s will be needed). In addition to the dues for the teams there will be a fee for this tournament of $20 per team to cover the costs of trophies, tech support, etc. This will be further assessed and fees at future events adjusted to meet our needs. High School and Junior Youth teams should start now to secure their boats/captains for the tournament. If you have difficulty locating one you can message us on the state website or Facebook pages and we can try to help. (Teams have had some luck contacting adult club representatives and inquiring.) The tournament will be coming right up so get right on this if you don’t already have a captain committed. July 26th, Androscoggin River, teams may launch as early as 630am but fishing starts at 8am. Fishing stops at 1pm and teams should be loaded up by 230pm. Boat captains will need to have a phone that can send photos/texts.

You must bring your own measuring device that measures in at least 1/4 inch intervals. We are looking into an App that we can use to log our catch.

Hope to see lots of you there. Dave Trask, Youth Director, Maine B.A.S.S. Nation.

Mossy Oak Fishing Bassmaster Junior Series

Oct. 19-20, Junior National Championship, Lake TBA

Maine Junior Bassmasters

The Junior B.A.S.S. Nation is helping shape the future of the sport, one Junior club at a time. The Junior club members enjoy camaraderie and competition, as well as education and conservation programs. As part of the Junior B.A.S.S. Nation, young anglers can compete in the Junior B.A.S.S. Nation State Championships and in the Junior National Championship.

The Junior Bassmaster program is our entry level program intended to target anglers who are not yet in high school. Each Junior Bassmaster club is sponsored & mentored by one of the Maine B.A.S.S. Nation adult clubs. The Junior Bassmaster club elects its own officers and runs its own club meetings with assistance of adult advisors.

The purpose of the club is to provide a venue where youth can improve their skills as anglers, learn & exchange fishing techniques and information, learn responsibility and teamwork by operating the club, and learn sportsmanship and act as stewards for conservation and youth involvement in fishing. Clubs are encouraged to be family oriented and focus more on fun and learning, than on competition. The Junior Bassmaster State championship provides members of all the Junior Bassmaster clubs opportunity to test their skills against the fish & each other.

2019 Junior Bassmaster Teams advancing to the Bassmaster Junior Championship!

2019 Junior Bassmaster Teams advancing to the Bassmaster Junior Championship!

Qualifying Events

Kennebec Riverfest Open Skowhegan Application - August 1, 2020

Hosted by Somerset Bassmasters are Individual Opens

Check the IFW List of tournaments, and look for Somerset Bassmasters - Host Club - Open tournament

Qualifying Events hosted by Somerset Bassmasters are Individual Opens. The Individual Opens that are hosted by Somerset Bassmasters can be used as Qualifying Events for Junior and High School Teams. The term Individual Open, means that the boaters are competing against the other boaters, and the non boaters against the other non boaters. The boater can also function as a boat captain for a high school or junior team.

Junior and High School Teams with a volunteer boat captain do not need to pay an entry fee unless they wish to compete against the other non boaters in the Junior or High School division, and the boat captain does not need to compete separately in the event unless he wants to.

The entry fees for those choosing to compete for prize money are: $25 per person (or $25 Per Junior/HS team) Entry fee distribution is as follows: $10 to the division winner, $5 to the division 2nd place, $5 to the division lunker, and the final $5 to pay for the permit (if there are enough entries after $55 is collected for the permit then the last $5 goes to the respective third places)

The Junior or High School team would enter in the non boater division with the a five fish team limit. Junior or High School anglers who don't have a teammate can fish alone as a non boater in the event and it would still qualify as a fished tournament for championship purposes. (The anglers eventual Championship partner will have to have fished a qualifying event as well)

Bassmaster Junior Championship logo

B.A.S.S. Junior Bassmasters

Check out Bassmaster.com

2019 Junior State Champion Teams Advancing to Nationals

Gavin White / Brandon Smith 5 bass 9.38

Cassidy Sawyer / Vaughn McKay 5 bass 9.33

Junior State Championship Info

September 27, 2020 Pleasant Pond

Headquarters: Gardiner Sportsmans Club