Hosting a Bass Tournament in Maine? We have tips to help you.

Tips and requirements to host a Bass Tournament in Maine

  1. Where do I get an Affidavit Form to apply for a tournament permit?
  2. How do I apply for a tournament permit from the State of Maine?
  3. How do I know if I need a DAFC Activity permit and how do I obtain a DACF Activity Permit?
  4. Should I contact the Lake Association about my tournament?
  5. My tournament is an Open or trail event, how do I reserve the Maine B.A.S.S. Nation Tournament Trailer?
  6. What is the Boat Inspection Form for?
  7. Is there a Guide book on Boat Inspections I could read?
  8. Where can I download a copy of the Maine Fishing Laws?
  9. What is Maine's Lead Sinker Law?
  10. Is there a site I can see where the launches are?
  11. Is there a Boating Safety Class in Maine?

Answer 1:

The purpose of this affidavit is to certify eligibility for making application to conduct bass tournaments on Maine inland waters. Download the Affidavit here..

Answer 2:

You must download and fill out an application to conduct a one day bass tournament on Maine inland waters (A must have if you are holding a tournament in Maine). If you're conducting a multi day event you must fill out an application to conduct a multi day tournament on Maine inland waters.

Answer 3:

DACF - Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry Activity Permit  (If the tournament is being held from a DACF, Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry owned water access site, you must obtain an activity permit from the Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry. You can check out the Rules for DOC owned sites here, and check out the list of waters to see if you need a permit here, then click on the water body that you are having your tournament on and next to "Ownership" if it says DACF, you will need an activity permit. Permits are free. Contact Thomas Linscott at 207-287-6830.

Answer 4:

Yes it's a good idea to contact the lake association.,we have PDF forms, or Word Forms you can edit and use. To find the contact information contact the Maine Lake Associations at or (e-mail and they will provide you with current contact information for the association. Another site is MaineLakes.Org The Lakes Environmental Association's mission is to preserve and restore the high water quality and the traditional character of Maine's lakes, watersheds and related natural resources.

Answer 5:

If you wish to borrow the Maine B.A.S.S. Nation Trailer for your open, trail or other event you will need to reserve it in advance and see if it's available on the calendar.

Answer 6:

Yes, you will need to make sure you have enough copies of the Boat Inspection Form to cover the amount of boats fishing. This form should have been included with your tournament permit, if not download a Boat Inspection Form here. Fill out the form using the club name that is listed on the tournament permit. You will need to list 2 boat inspectors on your tournament permit as well. These two people are the ones responsible for completing the inspections before launching and again upon loading the boats after the event. A 2018 Aquatic Plant/Livewell Inspection form must be sent to the Department within seven (7) days following the tournament. Forms may be emailed to or mailed to STATE OF MAINE DEPARTMENT OF INLAND FISHERIES AND WILDLIFE 284 STATE ST, 41 SHS AUGUSA, ME 04333-0041 or faxed to 287-6395. Forms must be legible and contain accurate information about the tournament (club name, waterbody, date, etc.);(Download Self Inspection Forms to make available for anyone that leaves a tournament early)

Answer 7:

Yes, the book has been out for a few years and is a good source to look over. Download the State of Maine Courtesy Boat Inspector Handbook.

Answer 8:

Download Open Water and Ice Fishing Laws and Rules.

Answer 9:

Here is the link to the Maine Lead Sinker Law.

Answer 10:

Yes you can check out Maine Public Boat Facilities on Google Earth Maps

Answer 11:

Yes, Portland Yacht Services frequently has classes on a variety of boating and navigational courses. You can also check out the online boating safety courses.